KR Castlemaine 




KR Castlemaine Fresh was established in 1911, and is a division of George Weston Foods. KRC Fresh Pork today is a brand that prides itself on using 100% Australian Pork to create delicious pre-marinated products. We have been a creative partner of the KRC Fresh team for over 4 years, helping them bring their brand to consumers around Australia. 

We worked with KRC to overhall the brands packaging system, ensuring it upheld the same sense of quality the company and the products share. We worked with a professional food stylist and photographer to capture the product in its best form and from there, let it hero the packaging. The simple system we have created allows for maximum flexibility and consistency for the brand.

In 2019 we built and launched a new website for KRC, allowing them to display their beautiful products online, aswell as recipes, articles and more. We built in a members feature so loyal customers could subscribe and engage with their fun content. 


Brand Strategy // Packaging Design // Photography // Videography // Website UI, UX // Digital Marketing.