Providing individuals (with the correct documentation!*) with hand-picked medicinal cannabis products, and the expert knowledge alongside: Billie is a straight-talking, authentic and unpretentious brand looking to challenge the status quo.

Divide were enlisted to create a playful look and feel for the recently established dispensary, with a heavy focus on packaging design. Equal parts nostalgic, vibrant and playful.

+ Strategy
+ Messaging
+ Branding
+ Packaging
+ Everything inbetween

Billie Cannabis

Billie’s packaging concept centres around bold colours and inverted pairings, adopting a minimalist design approach while implementing a clear system that leverages colour to distinguish between products.

The warped primary mark (based loosely of some smoke clouds) contrasts against some good old-fashioned sans serif typefaces.

Playing on words and phrases such as lettuce, skunk and grass meant infusing some fun Australian vernacular into the brand, without making any obvious (or illegal) references.

Throughout the brand, this friendly, cheeky, larakin-like tone-of-voice emanates.