Hello, we are Divide.

We are a multi-talented and multi-diciplinary strategy lead design studio centered on the idea that design - with sufficient strategic research and creative freedom - can solve the biggest challenges facing businesses both small and large, and create brands that transcend time periods. Our thinking is our greatest asset, where everything we build, is built from the solid foundation of brand strategy. We are both strategic and creative. We like design in all its forms. 

We exist to find a better way.




Here's where we shine.



If brand identity was the house, strategy would undoubtedly be the solid foundation holding the brand up. We approach all our projects with a research / strategy phase to uncover an ultimate reason for being, which we can use throughout all elements of the brand. Given the scope of the brand already, it becomes very important to get this stage right. We look at vision, mission, culture and values, and build a strategy to target the right demographics to build a brand your consumers will love. From local eateries to tech companies, this stage is an absolute must.

What this looks like:

• Vision, Mission, Mantras
• Naming
• Brand Voice
• Competitor + Consumer Analysis
• Brand Essence
• Brand Goals + Objectives
• Brand Inspiration + Direction


With a solid research phase completed, and endless resources to design from, we get to work designing a functional solution, backed by your brand strategy for your brand to build from. Using graphic design, art, creativity and everything at our disposal to make a flexible brand identity that can be applied to everything and anything it needs to be. We focus on the small details that when infused through an entire brand, really make a difference.

What this looks like:

• Identity system (Logos, Icons, Illustrations, Colour, Typeface)
• Brand guidelines/style guide
• Packaging
• Brand collateral
• Web, app and digital design
• Social media templates / style guides
• Merchandise
• Marketing collateral



Building a brand does not stop at a logo. Branding should be built from the ground up and managed to the same standard consistently for the entirety of its existence. We take your brand and apply it to the Social and Digital / Online sphere and beyond to manage the long term growth of your brand. It is here where the fun really begins as we creatively come up with solutions to grow your brand, and with it, transcend time periods. 

What this looks like:

• Social media management
• Campaign strategy / implementation
• Social media marketing
• Traditional print media
• Digital marketing
• Content creation

Our Philosophy


The world has enough shit stuff.

The world is already filling up with lots of things. It’s up to us to make whatever we’re making together, something that stands the test of time, or, why do it all?

Design solves problems.

Creating is easy, it’s creating something with meaning and purpose that is the hard part. Why do you exist? Why should people care? Design is a visual representation of a well formulated strategy.

Design without strategy is just art.

We're on a mission to work with the right people.

We are in the business of building mutually beneficial relationships, where no-one likes bad relationships. If you have made it this far, chances are you’re the right people.

Every decision is a brand decision.

Everything from packaging to social media is a decision made for your brand. Every decision you make involves your brand across every touchpoint. We believe that brands are living, breathing entities that need to be unified under a set of standards that upholds who you are, and why you exist.


Let's make something cool